Rupert Read, teacher, author, blogger and Green campaigner.Hi, I’m Rupert, and this, my site, gives you a way in to the things that I, probably like you, care about.

I’m a teacher (of philosophy), an author, a blogger, and – closest to my heart – a Green campaigner.

I believe strongly that Britain needs a positive change. We need a government that will put your health, your livelihood and your family before the interests of big business and endless ‘growth’.

We need action, and soon, against the values of greed and negativity that have lead to us facing potentially catastrophic climate change.

Instead, we need to value the good things about humanity; our ability to share, to care, to have fun, to communicate and to think intelligently and creatively about our own futures.

And we need a new way of thinking, about politics, about philosophy, and about our role in the world.

I hope you find something here of what you’re looking for. You can also visit my blog or follow me on Twitter.

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Rupert Read, teacher, author, blogger and Green campaigner.

Latest writings

Corbyn is great - but the Greens are different!

Like many Greens, I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Corbyn. I'm hoping that he wins the Labour Leadership election - and the latest polling suggests that he will. At the same time, I'm a Green, and without one shred of doubt I'm going to stay a Green. For Corbyn – for all his many virtues – is no Green. For he does not have an ecologistic approach.

What the Green Party should do, in the face of the 'Corbyn surge', is very simple. It should stay Green. It should make clear how the case of the Green Party is as strong as ever, even in the face of a Labour Leader being elected who in certain important policy areas agrees with us.

We Need An Alternative To Neo-Liberalism

With less than six months to go before the most wide-open General Election of our time, a true insurgent party is on the rise, and – despite what the media tell you – it’s not the one you are thinking of.

The Green Party’s membership has been skyrocketing (growing proportionately faster in Scotland than has the SNP’s since the referendum), and the Greens have caught up or overtaken the governing Lib Dems in several polls.